Bath National Cemetery
Bath, New York
John Glenn June

John June I am
A United States Marine.
My Tenets are Duty, Honor, and Commitment
in services to God, Country, and Corps.
No matter the Cost;
No matter the Sacrifice
Even to the last full measure;
I will do my Duty.
I will Honor the traditions of those Marines who have gone before me;
As they have passed to me so will I pass to those who follow,
The sword of Freedom, the banner of Courage,
the unblemished Honor of the Corps.
For services without Honor is not our tradition.
I will serve with Honor.
I will be, at all times, always faithful
To my Corps, my Division,
To my Regiment, my Company
To my Platoon, my squad,
To my Fire-team, and to these Tenets
I will be Committed.
I am a United States Marine
I am neither an Ex Marine nor a Former Marine
I am or I am not
For a Marine, there is no middle ground.
I am
A United States Marine.

Hershey S. Gehris
USMC 1963